Ever had a stranger come live with you? That you didn’t exactly invite but they came into your space anyway? They got so comfortable that they invited some of their friends to come live there and really made it their home and now it’s really a party? Ever tried to get them to leave by doing everything short of physically grabbing them and throwing out? You made it too hot or too cold but nothing seemed to work? And what made it worse was that you were also suffering the heat and the cold. They were just comfortable. Then you got some friends in to help you because clearly your method wasn’t working and one day finally they were gone? And the light was back in your life. Ever had that happen to you? No? I have. It’s how I feel when I’m sick and the foreign bodies have gained access. My immune system does the most and then finally the medical assist kicks in and the eviction process begins. All is right with the world once the last of them is gone.








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